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The internet is rapidly growing in India. According to data from DataReportal in 2012, only 12.6% of the population had access to the internet. By 2022, that number had jumped to 48.7%. This incredible growth is due to several factors, including the availability of affordable mobile handsets and mobile internet connections.

As per projections by Statista, the trend of growth is expected to persist in the upcoming years. It is estimated that by 2028, approximately 244 million households will be connected online.

While urban areas have higher penetration rates, there remains a significant rural-urban disparity. Challenges such as infrastructure limitations, the digital divide, and cybersecurity concerns remain pressing issues. Additionally, tackling social and cultural barriers that might limit internet access for certain demographics will be essential for ensuring equitable participation in India’s booming digital landscape.

Despite these challenges, the future of internet penetration in India looks promising, with emerging technologies like 5G poised to further expand access. Continued policy support, investment in digital infrastructure, and efforts to enhance digital literacy will play crucial roles in shaping the internet landscape in India.

Broadband providers and last-mile fiber delivery is going to play a crucial role in the next phase of broadband growth in India. ISPs and telcos have a big opportunity ahead of them to serve the demand for Internet in the country.

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