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The infographic below shows upcoming technology trends for this year. The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted industries multiple ways. The technology industry has seen increased adoption during this pandemic and has maximized its business by becoming an important part of everybody’s lives. 5G is being rolled out on networks to be adopted earlier than planned. We may experience 5G in certain cities by the end of this year. Other tech trends like virtual reality and edge computing have helped in training, entertainment, education and marketing. Cyber security will always be a trending technology as attacks become more complex. Artificial intelligence is already being adopted to make important decisions in multiple domains as the technology and compute hardware become widely available.

All of these provide an opportunity for Internet service providers to customize their Internet offerings according to these new consumer trends and to make the best use of upcoming technology.

Jaze Networks enables ISPs to manage and deploy scalable business models in order to sustain business growth and cater to subscribers without increasing operations costs.

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