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The infographic below shows the advantages of Internet leased line connection over standard broadband connections. Leased line connections provide higher data transfer speeds and has more reliable quality of service than standard broadband connection. Standard broadband has some disadvantages like shared connection, limited data speeds and higher contention. Advantages of leased line connections over business broadband include dedicated Internet speeds, unlimited data, permanent IP address for businesses with fiber optic infrastructure. The dedicated high performance Internet Leased Lines has become more affordable and flexible which should be the preferred choice for larger networks with a considerable Internet user base.

Leased line ISPs should provide priority to the leased line connections higher QoS and priority. Also, ISPs should ensure 24×7 support with quick issue resolution to ensure highest uptime for Internet Leased Line customers.

Jaze ISP Manager helps Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to manage their leased line customers with precise control on bandwidth and QoS with custom billing policies for delivering the best possible services for leased line customers.

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