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The infographic below shows the major reasons for slow Internet. Staying indoors and working from home during this pandemic has been easier because we all have an Internet connection. While we have been streaming videos and messaging our friends and colleagues, the unprecedented rise in internet usage might make cause some problems. Some of the common issues like wrong placement of router, a lot of connected devices at the same time, usage of old wi-fi devices and many more are major factors for slowness experienced in home networks.

Internet service providers should keep note and identify the causes for slow Internet on their subscriber’s home networks in order to ensure fast and smooth browsing experience. Today most ISPs have started providing ONUs and ONTs with built in Wi-Fi and they need to configure it on the best possible channel and place it centrally to ensure good coverage of Wi-Fi signal and throughput.

Jaze ISP manager provides an end-to-end solution for ISPs to manage their subscribers and plans along with SNMP based monitoring for GPON equipment to enable ISPs to troubleshoot issues faster by providing statistics of ONUs along with the power levels, uptime and other important information.

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