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The infographic below shows the growth of Internet connectivity over the past two decades. It has transformed the way we do things and plays an important part of our lives in this digital era. From 2G devices to the current 4G LTE connectivity, more and more devices are getting connected and a further surge in Internet connected devices is expected with the introduction of 5G. This growth creates demand for the suppliers of Internet services and new opportunity for connectivity equipment industries which will result in the development of a larger digital economy.

As connectivity technologies are developing in a rapid pace and the amount of Internet usage is  also increasing, it creates a great opportunity for Internet service providers to provide seamless Internet connectivity for subscribers on fiber-based networks. 5G will be a complementary technology alongside fixed broadband connectivity and users will be able to seamlessly switch over the connectivity to their devices from one network to another.

Jaze ISP Manager helps ISPs to easily manage subscribers by completely automating business processes and providing the best quality broadband services with customizable Internet plans to subscribers with support for IPv6 and IoT for next generation services of the future.

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