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5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is set to change how broadband will be delivered in places where laying fiber is a challenge. It is set to become the most reliable choice with high internet speeds and great replacement for fiber connections which can be easily deployed without much CAPEX involved. With the benefits like self-installation, ultra high-speed broadband without lag it is set to challenge and offer services at almost the same price as current GPON based broadband services for homes. By 2023, these 5G FWA will be used by most of the population as it enables to deliver low latency broadband to suburban and rural areas, which is really needed to improve connectivity to rural population in India and supporting home and business applications where fiber is prohibitively expensive to lay and maintain.

ISPs will need to deal with this competition in the coming years. Offering higher bandwidths on fiber at lower costs and supporting IPv6 for the future adoption of IoT based devices will be the only way to stand a chance to compete against 5G FWA provided by telcos.

 Jaze ISP Manager enables Internet service providers to roll out broadband services with the flexibility to design the Internet package and quality of service options based on their subscriber’s requirements and integrates with all major NAS and BRAS routers with support for IPv6 and next generation services.

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