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The infographic below shows Internet usage statistics around the world. Internet in our lives has a very prominent role with lots of people spending more time doing more things online than ever before. Almost 4.57 billion people were active Internet users as of July 2020. This represents 59 percent of the global population which tells us that more than half the world is connected to the Internet in one way or another. China, India and the US account for the most number of Internet users per country. An average person spends almost 7 hours a day using the Internet for Social media, entertainment, work related actives and many more.

With these statistics it is clear that the need for Internet bandwidth is going to increase in the future with more and more data being consumed and generated. The world will soon become a place where almost every individual has their own Internet connection with multiple Internet connected devices per individual. ISPs need to manage their networks and business to scale up based on the increasing data usage patterns and user base.

Jaze ISP Manager helps ISPs scale up their business and operations with ease and put your ISP business on auto-pilot from lead enquiry to customer support.

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