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The infographic below shows the statistics of increasing threats for cybersecurity. Cyber security has become the biggest problem for day-to-day business and Internet users. Due to the ongoing pandemic with COVID-19 the number of Internet users have risen drastically and number of Internet connected devices has also increased to on an average of 3 devices per person. Broadband connections have also increased and it has become one of the most important part for every home.

DDOS attacks on SaaS providers and datacenters resulting in major downtimes as well as ransomware and phishing attacks have been widely increasing with the growing number of devices and bandwidth. Devices with unsecure settings are the most vulnerable for turning them into bots for DDOS attacks against large victim servers. Internet users should ensure that they are using the latest software versions with the vulnerability bug fixes as well as ensure that their network settings are secure from hackers.

Network security and device configurations play a critical part of network security to stay safe. Is your router locked down and all your servers hardened for production?

Jaze ISP Manager provides ISP Management software deployed both on cloud as well as on premise with complete vulnerability and reliability testing so that you can complete peace of mind and focus on building your subscriber base and ISP network.

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