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The infographic below shows how we will access super-fast Internet in the coming future with speeds at up to one gigabit speed per second. With this remarkable speed of internet some technology changes need to be made by the Internet service providers, Cable operators and all software and hardware related to delivering Internet speed for homes. 5G and other high speed networks need to upgrade networks and scale up to deliver 1 gbps broadband connections. Typically speeds of 1Gb per second are achieved through full fiber, or a Fiber to The Premises (FTTP) connections.

ISPs plays major role with delivering gigabit speed internet to every home on the last mile and it is only possible if they adopt technologies like GPON and DOCSIS 3.1 which allows ISPs to transfer gigabit speed broadband on their networks. Once these upgrades are made every home will be able to access gigabit speed broadband.

In order to ensure 1Gbps Internet delivery and a quality Internet experience, ISPs need software to manage and monitor their network and have smooth operations. Jaze ISP Manager provides automation of end-to-end operations at scale with customer growth and increasing bandwidth demand.

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