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The infographic below shows the growth of the global broadband connectivity in both developing and developed countries and also the increase in Internet user-base and smart homes with broadband connections over the past few years. There remain some challenges in terms of the growing digital inequality between developed and developing countries, as well as between the rich and the poor within countries. The rates, roll-outs and financing needs of new deployments and network upgrades, and also making Internet access more affordable in developing countries requires capital investment which varies from one country to another and also within countries based on the economic status. Though it often seems like everyone is connected 24/7/365, that is not the case worldwide. There is still enormous opportunity for service providers to connect the unconnected and continue expanding their service offerings.

With different kinds of access methods to the Internet based on the geography and economics, the requirement for cooperation between different types of Internet service providers and telcos will be required in the future to handle the demand for people to get connected to the Internet. Jaze ISP Manager provides franchisee management options to enable ISPs to grow their business into new territories with franchise partners.

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