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The infographic below shows the cost of IT downtime which creates revenue loss and decreases the end-user experience. For every business it is important to be connected all times. We live in a connectivity-driven economy, where efficiency and productivity of businesses are dependent on non-stop access to on-line applications and data. Many organizations cannot afford downtime and even a small interruption causes huge losses for the companies dependent on the connectivity. Telecommunications Healthcare, IT, Investment and banking need continuous access to the information and stay connected 24×7. Companies may suffer huge economic loss during critical application failures for even an hour of network downtime.

Downtime can be prevented by regular monitoring of networks and by also having redundancy which can be helpful to decrease the revenue loss. Today’s uptime requirements of networks are in the range of less than a few minutes per year for leased lines.

Jaze ISP Manager provides Active-Active redundancy across data centers to ensure that you remain fully operational even during a single site or server failure for both cloud and on-premise deployments to ensure 100% uptime and availability.

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