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#subscriber Management

Complete end-to-end subscriber lifecycle management

Jaze ISP Manager enables you to manage your subscribers’ life cycle from the point of first contact with your organization. Subscribers traverse through multiple stages starting with lead to feasibility assessment to document verification and approval. The solution helps you completely automate the provisioning and on-boarding of subscribers to your network, manage the allocation of IP addresses, network equipment and assignment of plans.

Track customer invoices and payments, service issues raised and resolved and also track inventory deployed for the customer.

#Plan Management

Flexible plans with peering & triple play management

Our policy management engine lets you create and deploy complex plans for your users with Fair Usage policies, Data Usage limits, Timing based plans and RADIUS derived vendor attributes. Traffic shaping rules for different traffic flows can be configured including separate bandwidth limits on peering traffic (e.g. Google, Akamai, etc) and traffic delivered from cache (HTTP and P2P cache). 

 Jaze ISP Manager integrates with a wide range of BRAS and NAS routers in order to allow interoperability under a single management console.

#Billing Management

Get paid on time. Never miss a single payment

Completely automate your billing with flexible billing options for prepaid, pay-as-you-go, postpaid and PIN based billing models with automated billing notifications through SMS, Email and WhatsApp.

  • Flexible prepaid and postpaid payment options.
  • Billing for the static IP, Routers or telephony services, etc.
  • Maintenance of prepaid balance for future billing.
  • Support for more than 30+ trusted payment gateways.
  • Customizable revenue sharing & per franchisee plan rates.
  • Payment collection module & reconciliation with Mobile App.
  • Expired users can make payment through payment gateways.
  • Generate customized invoices for easy payment.
  • Reporting for GST filing with tax break-up.
  • Provides ledger statements for customers.
  • Flexible discounting and penalties on invoices.

#Payment Management

Choose multiple convenient ways to get paid

Automate payment collections with payment Integration and Customer mobile app for payment management where you can get full overview of all the payments. The more different types of payments you accept, the more helpful it will be for customers. You can access different levels of information regarding payment details, customer information and many more.

#Franchisee Management

Scale out your business effortlessly

Expand your business across multiple sites with ease with our powerful franchisee management module. You can manage multiple sites with multiple hierarchies across distributed locations and define roles and rights to franchisee operators and administrators with complex business and revenue sharing models.

  • Customizable package pricing and share per packages for each franchisee.
  • Manage franchisees across distributed locations with single or multiple NAS routers
  • Enable different business models, pricing and revenue sharing per-franchisee.
  • Automated balance management with franchisee and payment collection options.
  • Management and calculation of GST, AGR fees and TDS deductions.
  • Detailed franchisee statement with itemized transaction split-up per invoice.
  • Top-up prepaid account balances of franchisee zones through payment gateway.
  • Generate customized invoices for easy payment.
  • Manage multiple sites with multi-level hierarchy up to any level
  • Get instant updates & notifications through franchisee mobile app
  • Provides ability to revert payments in case of default and cheque bounces.


Multiple ways to help customers reach your team

Automate your support processing by capturing issues and tickets from multiple sources. The support system can be integrated with your call-centre application to automatically raise tickets against respective subscribers. Tickets can also be classified based on the type of ticket and the support engineer designated for the type of issue. Tickets can be flexibly assigned to the corresponding franchise with priority and escalation matrix defined so that your tickets are always fulfilled within your committed SLA.

  • Capture tickets from multiple sources including Mobile App and API integration for IVR.
  • Complete traceability of tickets with activity history to focus on pending and upcoming tasks
  • SLA definition based on ticket priority and escalation to avoid violations
  • Instant Mobile App notifications, Email and SMS updates on tickets
  • Assign tickets to nearest support executivebased on location coordinates
  • Auto-assign tickets to support executives who have fewer open tickets
  • Classify and auto-assign tickets based on category and type of tickets
  • Multi-level hierarchy of support executives for handling ticket escalations

#Lead Management

Streamline your sales process with lead tracking

Jaze ISP Manager helps you streamline your sales process by capturing leads from your marketing campaigns and incoming calls and then assigning them to your franchisees or your technical team for feasibility analysis.The Lead Management manages a new lead from the point of first contact to service activation. At each step the person responsible claims the lead and then completes the step to take the lead forward.

The Lead Management process follows the following sequence:

  • New Lead
  • Feasibility check
  • Lead Transfer
  • CAF Collection
  • Cabling and Commissioning
  • Activation

Configure your lead by defining the different admins assigned to handle the activities in each step. Leads can then be converted to accounts after CAF collection and then after verification by respective teams and upon completion of on-field work, the accounts can be activated into active subscribers.

#Inventory Management

Keep track of your valuable assets on-field

Our in-build Inventory management system helps you maintain stock of all your network equipment and other accessories. We provide you complete visibility from the time of procurement of goods to allocation of equipment to technician upon approval and deployment at customer premises. You can also track complete information including the deployment date, location, serial numbers and warranty of all assets in your organisation.

Inventory ensures

  • Maintain the name of the supplier whom the goods are bought from
  • List of goods by period (purchase and selling price)?
  • Record-keeping and administration of all goods
  • Setting the suppliers, the nature and type of goods for clear arrangement
  • Ability to assign goods to engineers, customers, routers, sites, etc.
  • Possibility of goods invoicing to a customer
  • Possibility to read goods in the system using a bar code reader
  • Evidence of complete history of the movement of goods
  • Printing reports in PDF

#SMS & Email Alerts

Push notifications for timely reminders

“Business is all about the right communication with the customer making it effective is the key.”

Every business grows over time due to its rapport with its customers. It is important for every business to be able to reach its potential customers effectively and in time. But with the technological advancements as seen today, you get to see multiple communication channels such as

  • Push Notification
  • SMS
  • Email
  • WhatsApp

Jaze ISP Manager Integrates with multiple gateways for sending Notifications through SMS, Email and WhatsApp. Onesignal is used for sending the Android push notifications.

#Customer Portal & APP

Stay connected to your business on all devices

Jaze ISP Manager provides your customers with an intuitive and responsive self-service customer portal for managing customer interactions. The look and feel of the portal can be customized through a simple HTML editor. The fields and options displayed on the customer portal can be altered according to your choice. The customer portal can be accessed through Mobile app on Android and IOS devices. Subscribers can view and pay bills, access information on usage and change plans directly from the portal.

#Admin Mobile App

Control your Business from anywhere with our App

Jaze ISP Manager provides Mobile App to make your operations effortless and more handy.

  • Add and manage users from anywhere.
  • Manage support tickets and complaints
  • Allocation of tickets based on GPS coordinates
  • Instant renewal and payment receipt to users
  • Manage payment allocation area-wise
  • Executive wise reconciliation of payments
  • Capture and manage leads
  • Manage lead pipeline and assign tasks
  • push instant notification on updates

Jaze ISP Manager provides the Powerful REST API for all functionality in the application to help you create your own applications and mobile apps.


Compliance Logs and Audit Reports

Jaze ISP Manager provides the complete logs and reports required for TRAI and DOT compliance. Our solution enables you to completely log session log records along with IP and subscriber detail. The application also logs NAT Translations and source NAT logs and redirects them to FTP after compression. The solution can also integrate with devices on Netflow for log parsing and storage.

Additionally, Jaze ISP Manager also enables capturing LI logs and CALEA compliance logs. The solution also provides the capability to integrate on SNMP for MRTG graphing on per user and interface basis for capturing traffic usage statistics.

#Triple Play Billing

Simplify Billing with a Single Invoice

Jaze ISP Manager helps you provide a single consolidated bill for multiple services such as broadband, OTT/IPTV services and voice services. Effortlessly manage service activation and deactivation for a hassle-free experience through API integrations with third-party OTT platforms and PBX systems.

Automatically activate services during user creation in bundled packages or during plan upgrades from the admin dashboard or from the customer portal. Billing is also automatically stopped for services on service deactivation or plan downgrades. The integrated billing system automates invoicing, guaranteeing precise and efficient billing for your subscriptions.

Experience the ease of automated triple-play billing with Jaze ISP Manager which is built to elevate your service offerings and streamline your billing operations and payment collection.

#TR-069 Provisioning

Zero-Touch Deployments with TR-069

Automate your Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) deployment and management with TR-069 based provisioning directly from Jaze ISP Manager. It enables you to provision automated configuration to the CPE eliminating technical expertise at customer’s site during deployment thus saving you valuable time and resources.

Gain real-time insights into critical metrics like Tx/Rx power levels for proactive network management and troubleshooting. Additionally, push configuration changes remotely, facilitating a zero-touch deployment process that minimizes on-site visits.

Jaze ISP Manager’s TR069 functionality helps ISPs to

  • Eliminates manual setup for faster deployments and reduced errors.
  • Gain insights into critical metrics for proactive troubleshooting.
  • Push updates remotely for a zero-touch process.
  • Save time and resources by managing devices remotely and faster troubleshooting of issues.

#IPFIX/Netflow9 Logging

Gain Network Insights & Ensure Compliance

Jaze ISP Manager offers scalable and storage-efficient IPFIX/Netflow9 logging, providing you with comprehensive compliance for IPDR records as required by regulatory authorities. Our logging system ensures that you can easily search and download logs with a simple query interface in order to have a quick turn-around time during enquiries.

The solution is designed to scale horizontally to handle traffic from routers serving hundreds of thousands of subscribers on commodity hardware. Also the system notifies automatically if log collection is stopped for any reason and recommends immediate remedial action to fix the configuration on the router.

  • IPDR Records Capture: Timestamp, Source and destination IP and port are logged for compliance. This information along with the session log can be queried automatically to fetch the required information.
  • Scalable Storage and Management: Efficiently handle large volumes of traffic data without sacrificing performance.
  • Intuitive Search and Download: Effortlessly find and export specific traffic data using user-friendly queries.

#eKYC and eCAF Integration

Paperless Onboarding with eKYC & eCAF

Expedite subscriber acquisition and simplify onboarding with Jaze ISP Manager’s eKYC and eCAF integrations. Leverage Aadhaar OTP verification for a secure and paperless Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

Additionally, enable e-signing of the Customer Activation Form (CAF) and streamline your onboarding process. 

This eliminates paperwork and removes the necessity of visiting customer premises for document collection.

Choose from multiple vendors integrated with Jaze ISP Manager for eKYC verification. Also, choose from multiple CAF templates or create your own custom CAF format and enhance your branding. All documents are saved digitally and can be backed up to your required storage for redundancy.

Comprehensive ISP management software solution to automate & manage your entire ISP business without any hassle.

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