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The infographic below shows the journey of data through the Internet in the form of packets also known as network packets. Data is split into bits called packets and each packet travels through the Internet via series of checkpoints as shown in the diagram and these packets are responsible for delivering high speed internet and they can travel through air or fiber containing the destination address and the request. 

Internet relies on the hardware infrastructure. Whenever you transmit data via the Internet, that information can’t just go somewhere. Instead, it has to be broken down, directed, and reassembled through Servers, switches, and routers that make their part of the internet working as it should.

Is your Internet successfully routing traffic through servers located physically closer to you through peering or having to go all the way to the other side of the world? Routers make these routing decisions based on the routing table and find the server which helps serve the data faster with lower latency.

Shape, manage and route packets effectively and efficiently with Jaze ISP Manager with flexible RADIUS based policy management to deliver the most efficient and quality Internet experience to your subscribers.

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