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The infographic below shows how speed of the Internet has evolved since 1960s to today. In the history of Internet evolution, the userbase has increased along with the Internet speed. With a large number of users connected to the internet, it makes it one the best invented technologies of the world.

Broadband connections with high bandwidth connection to the internet gave new purposes to the users by making calls and using the Internet at the same time and this also made internet browsing and downloading files faster compared to the Mobile data connection. The need for higher bandwidth is increasing constantly over time and does not look to saturate in the near future.

Now almost everyone has broadband connection in their homes making their homes as Smart homes to access internet at dedicated speed and enable smart household devices. The rise of new broadband technology, such as 4G mobile broadband, which allows users to get online anywhere, and cable (fiber-optic) broadband, has boosted connection speeds.

ISPs should ensure their networks scale to cope with increasing demand for Internet connections with greater speed and integrate with all the new delivery technologies to provide cost effective growth.

Jaze ISP manger helps you shape traffic efficiently through RADIUS based policies to help reduce your ISP costs and provide better quality of service and browsing experience to subscribers.

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