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The infographic below shows live content streaming statistics of 2020. As 2020 has been a year where pandemic has affected people in different ways, there were huge variations in trends compared to previous years. The only industries which benefited due to this situation were Internet based companies. Those providing live content streaming have played a major role to provide entertainment, events, news and other content to people locked up at home. Nearly 23% of the people have watched content from live streaming sources post outbreak of pandemic and more than 50% in the UK and the US. These numbers still continue to rise as the streaming industry has created more interactive advertisements and increased businesses for both content creators and viewers.

From these live streaming statistics it is evident that this business is thriving and is here to stay. In 2021 and post-COVID-19, it will continue to grow and attract more subscribers. To cater to this demand, ISPs needs to step-up their game for providing unlimited internet broadband speeds without any interruption with local peering for a good viewing experience in HD for end-users.

Jaze Networks provides ISP management solutions for Internet Service Providers to manage broadband and leased line connections with the ability to define attributes on RADIUS for shaping traffic efficiently and deliver a better end-user experience.

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