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Internet has become an important aspect of all our lives now and we use Internet every day through multiple devices. It connects businesses, families, and friends who are thousands of miles apart. But how does the Internet actually work? The infographic below shows how the Internet works and how information travels from your computer to data centers. The pathway shows clearly how it travels from home computer to Data centers with connecting router, modem, ISP, POP, Internet exchange point then Internet backbone and finally data centers. The statistics clearly shows the rise of smart devices and Internet connections compared to the past decade.

The surge of Internet users in coming years forces all ISPs to step up their game to focus on providing a consistent and high-quality service to their customers and to continue the growth of Internet subscriber base in India. Today ISPs are able to obtain peering connectivity through IXPs are transfer up to half the traffic through peering.

Jaze Networks provides ISP management solutions for Internet Service Providers to manage your broadband and leased line connections with Flexible Billing and Helpdesk management with flexible attributes for shaping Internet and peering traffic for efficient bandwidth policies.

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