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The infographic below shows the Internet broadband growth statistics in the US. Internet has become more important than ever for communication, entertainment, work and information in today’s tech world. Nearly half of the global population is connected to the Internet and United States stands in the third place. India and China stand in second and first place in terms of most population connected to the Internet. Nearly 96% of the US household is connected to the broadband and 22 million locations have hotspots enabled in public places. These statistics have increased dramatically during the pandemic period in 2020. Compared to 2015 people are having higher Internet speeds with lower cost and this is bound to continue for the coming years.

Cheaper fiber delivery costs and newer technology Wi-Fi networks has helped improve speeds with lower connectivity costs. Internet service providers(ISPs) need to consider the total number of Internet users, the activities carried out online and the bandwidth necessary for those activities, and how many of those users will be using the Internet simultaneously. These factors will affect the Quality of Experience for the broadband  users.

Jaze ISP Manager enables ISPs and Wi-Fi Hotspot providers to centrally manage subscribers across multiple sites with flexible plan and peering policies and scale with customer growth with support for all leading BRAS and NAS vendors.

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