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The infographic below shows the next wave of Internet growth which will connect things, people, processes and data in one vast distributed network. It is predicted that there will more than 50 billion connected devices by 2022 and it is set to become a hyper-connected network and generating a massive revenue in the economy with about 14 trillion dollars at stake. Internet of Everything technologies will create an impact in networking and business across industries including IT, Retail, Education, Manufacturing, and Finance in different ways. It also has many challenges like security since it involves unidentified network connections and roaming devices on a big distributed network which are to be addressed.

Internet of Everything is where everything and everyone, including processes and data are interlinked in a big distributed network and where ISPs play a major role in creating this network evolution. They should be future ready by delivering Internet which supports new upcoming technologies and enhancing the customer experience.

Jaze ISP Management software helps ISPs to manage and monitor all aspects of their business provide a better quality service to subscribers and scale up the business.

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