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The major difference between leased line and broadband is the broadband is connected to a huge leased line connection which is used by many users and carries huge amount of data of all the users connected to the broadband, whereas a leased line or dedicated broadband only carries a particular user communications with higher QoS to ensure consistent performance unlike the broadband connection. Internet leased lines are preferred over broadband connections for providing internet connectivity to larger organizations like colleges, corporate offices, hospitals, etc where there is a constant consumption and there is a need for hosting infrastructure for connectivity from multiple locations.

Leased line ISPs should focus on providing seamless and personalized user experience to their customers as these customers are willing to pay more to get a better quality experience for hosting critical infrastructure which is required for their business operations.

Jaze ISP Manager helps Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to manage their leased line customers with precise control on bandwidth and QoS with customizable billing options and more for delivering the best possible service for leased line services.

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