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In today’s connected world, a reliable internet connection is crucial. However, various factors can affect your internet speed and performance. Here’s a quick guide to understanding these factors and improving your connection.

Who Uses the Connection

The number of users and devices connected to your network significantly impacts performance. More devices and open applications mean more shared bandwidth, potentially slowing your connection. 

Connectivity between router and end devices

Your router and modem play vital roles in your internet speed. The closer your device is to the router, the better the performance. Physical obstructions like walls and floors, especially in older buildings, can weaken the Wi-Fi signal. Interference from household electronics or neighbors’ devices can also degrade performance. 


Older hardware and software might not support fast data transfer rates, limiting your connection’s efficiency. Upgrading your modem, router, and devices can enhance performance.

Home Wiring

Faulty or outdated home wiring can cause poor broadband performance. Consulting with a retail provider or electrician to inspect and update your wiring can lead to significant improvements.

Service Provider

Internet service providers (ISPs) offer plans with varying speeds, but advertised speeds are not always achievable. Providers might throttle speeds after reaching data limits, known as shaping. Choosing a reliable provider and considering a switch if necessary can improve your internet experience.

Network Type

Different network technologies, like ADSL, Fibre, or Satellite, offer varying speeds and performance. The distance from the network exchange and the capacity of the network influence the service quality.


The internet comprises numerous networks, and the location and size of the content affect speed. Data stored far away might load slower due to the long travel distance. Content providers’ investment in delivery infrastructure also impacts performance. 

ISPs will need to ensure that all the above factors are in place to ensure good end-user broadband experience. Today most high speed broadband providers deliver Internet over GPON with multi-band Wi-Fi routers. These help in delivering the required throughput to the end user.

Jaze ISP Manager streamlines the deployment and monitoring of GPON devices, providing critical insights into various aspects of network performance. It tracks the number of devices connected to home Wi-Fi networks, assesses wireless signal strength, and measures fibre power levels. These features help troubleshoot issues impacting the end-user experience, enabling superior service delivery.

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