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The number of Internet connected objects will reach by 28 billion devices by the end of 2020. The number of Internet connected devices in India like personal computers, smartphones and many other smart devices connected to the Internet drives the economic growth of the nation with people having better communication ability for business and access to information. IoT, short for the Internet of Things, is a vast network spanning across sensors and data from connected vehicles, smart home appliances, gadgets and other electronics which enables these devices to exchange data with the Internet and other devices. From agricultural development to aircraft advances, each industry is excited about the possibilities of embedding Internet of Things (IoT) in their products and services.

All of these provide an opportunity for Internet Service Providers to customize their Internet offerings according to these new consumer trends with full IPv6 support. IPv6 provides each device with a direct public IPv6 address which helps it communicate with any other device on the Internet. This is crucial for the widespread proliferation of IoT technology to integrate it into everyday devices.

Jaze Networks enables ISPs to manage and deploy subscribers with IPv6 support for supporting the next generation of services on their existing networks with interoperability with almost all major BRAS and NAS vendors.

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