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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world in many ways and some sectors have fairly benefited from this pandemic. Telecom and media sectors are two of them having positive growth. The infographic below shows the significant changes in media usage by people due to COVID-19 and the change the way in which we consume media and entertainment. The percentage of Internet users have also increased in many countries and due to the lockdown with everyone being confined to their homes, people are spending more time on various entertainment sources like Social Media, live streaming from Amazon prime, Netflix and many more. Television audiences have also increased dramatically due to need for information and News updates.

This is the right time for people to get Internet connections in their homes to stay connected and work from home and at the same time explore other options of income and entertainment on the Internet. All ISPs need to step up their game to focus on providing a consistent and high-quality service to their customers despite working with a limited workforce.

ISPs need software to manage and monitor their network and have smooth operations. Jaze ISP Manager provides automation of end-to-end operations at scale with customer growth and manage operations remotely.

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