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The infographic below shows the digital divide gap that exists between the individuals who have access to the modern information and technology and those who lack access. We can clearly see this digital inequality in the communities who live in the urban areas and those living in the rural areas. This gap is also apparent between less economically developed countries and more developed countries, between less educated and educated population countries. This clearly shows that Internet penetration plays an important role in improving the economic and social status of societies.

In developing countries like Africa and India, the government should take initiatives by creating Digital awareness programs mostly in rural areas and educate the people about benefits of the Internet. Internet service providers play an important role in getting broadband to these under-served rural areas and providing them with cost-effective Internet more.

Jaze Networks provide Jaze ISP management solutions that helps Internet service providers to tap this growing market and help them to shape traffic efficiently through RADIUS based policies provide better quality of service and browsing experience to subscribers in a cost effective manners.

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