Social Media Usage statistics

November 27, 2020 0 Comments

The Infographic below shows social media usage statistics. Most of them have social media accounts to connect with one another, engage with news content, share information and entertain themselves. As more Americans have adopted social media, the social media user base has also grown more representative of the broader population. Young adults were among the earliest social media adopters and continue to use these sites at high levels, but usage by older adults has decreased in recent years. YouTube, Facebook Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn are the most-widely used online platforms with YouTube and Facebook leading the list.

In this digital era ISPs have to play a major role in providing uninterrupted Internet services for their customers with exceptional speed and cost-effective plans to keep their customer online 24×7. Today ISPs have access to peering links with Internet exchanges where most of the social media traffic like YouTube and Facebook can be accessed at a lower cost with lower latency and better experience. This makes up for up to 70% of the content consumed in home broadband usage and can help the ISPs save a lot of costs if accessed through direct peering.

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Growth in Mobile broadband

November 20, 2020 0 Comments

The infographic below shows the changing landscape of mobile broadband adoption where people are rapidly embracing smartphones and mobile Internet to bridge the gap and get access to affordable entertainment. This is happening at a very fast rate accelerated by the COVID pandemic in both urban and rural areas. Smartphones are wildly used because they are more affordable than computers, laptops and many other electronic devices which can be used to connect to the Internet. Internet driving factors include Social media, video streaming and bill payments amongst other. The lowering cost of mobile data combined with higher speeds and data limits have accelerated the growth of mobile broadband.

But this does not mean broadband connections are not increasing. Fixed line fiber broadband provides access to multiple devices for entire homes with much lower latency and consistency. The need for working from home has increased customers to adopt fixed line broadband for better video and remote working expertise. The ISP providers should work towards offering the best Internet services to all the homes. Broadband penetration on mobile and fixed line fiber services are going to boom over the coming years and BRAS providers have a huge market to fulfill as connections increase worldwide.

Jaze ISP manager enables Internet service Providers (ISPs) to centrally manage end-to-end operations and scale with customer growth with support for all leading BRAS and NAS vendors.

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Digital Revolution in Rural India

November 13, 2020 0 Comments

The Infographic below shows the statistics and key factors for the growth of the rural Internet population in India. There is a 45% growth in monthly active subscribers in rural India which is at a much higher rate when compared to the urban areas. It is also estimated that there will be around 650 million active internet users by the end of 2020 of which more than 300 million Internet users will be from rural areas. This increasing number of internet users is because of local language adoption of the Internet and a growing younger population seeking Internet access earlier then before. Children and homemakers will be the new internet adopters in the next year or two. Nearly 85% use for entertainment purposes.  

2020 has seen an enormous shift in both Internet adoption and frequency of usage due to the pandemic. OTT, local services, social media and communication and online payments will be some of the key elements that will drive the impact.

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Internet Highlights in India in 2020

November 6, 2020 0 Comments

India’s Internet penetration has improved at a much faster pace this year. This has been driven largely by the pandemic situation which has helped increase the number of Internet users to nearly 730 million. This means half of the population in India already uses Internet. The number of Internet users has increased in both urban as well as rural regions, indicating a dynamic growth in access to Internet. Rural growth has outpaced the growth in urban areas during this period. Though India’s internet penetration is only 50%, it is already the second-largest internet user base in the world, only behind China. 

The number of online transactions especially for e-commerce has increased business activity. More and more people are accessing Internet on their phones as a primary device in regional languages. This has led to increase in e-commerce transactions and better access to information. There is a gradual shift to travel related transactions moving online with faster and better experience.

ISPs providing broadband services should ensure their networks scale to cope with increasing demand and integrate with all the new delivery technologies based on fiber to provide cost effective growth.

Jaze ISP Manger Integrates with multiple NAS routers and enables the ISPs to centrally manage and monitor the end-to-end operations of their entire business.

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Impact of 5G Networks in APAC

October 30, 2020 0 Comments

Asia appears to be the leader in a the race to adopt 5G. Countries in Asia have increased their spending on wireless communications infrastructure to build new sites. Investment in 5G will have an unpredicted economic impact. Smart cities will rise where self-driving cars and connected devices will build the smart cities with benefits to transportation, media and utilities industries to enhance the way of living.  The growth rate of 5G will be comparatively higher than any other previous technology because of being a enabler for technologies such as the internet of things (IoT) and enhanced mobile broadband services.

With the help of low latency, high reliability and significant throughput improvements, 5G is going to create demand and opportunities through platforms such as IoT, virtual reality and robotics. 5G rollout will deliver better performance for multiple use cases. This would be adopted widely by telcos who are desperate to reduce the cost of data transport at the same rate as the demand for data increases.

With 5G, broadband operators will need to adapt to use their fiber networks for delivery of 5G networks. The broadband market is going to undergo a major disruption with the introduction of 5G and it will be up to the consumer’s choice to decide if they will adopt fiber based broadband alongside their 5G connectivity or just use 5G for home broadband. ISPs need to adopt to provide better services on their existing networks to retain their markets.

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India 2020 – Bringing the connected society to life

October 23, 2020 0 Comments

The infographic below shows the statistics of the Internet usage in India with the Digital India program initiated by the government. With vast amount of investments in fiber and mobile networks by telcos, Internet penetration has been vastly accelerated by Digital India. Although the target of 600 Million broadband users by 2020 was not achieved, we have made huge leaps to almost reach this target, thanks to widespread mobile data over 3G and 4G networks as well as fiber optic network projects. The next decade is expected to bring in the next wave of Digital India with even higher number of subscribers with higher bandwidth and data consumption.

The recent covid-19 pandemic that has increased the need for Internet with services from social media to entertainment and shopping being availed from their connected devices at home. The number of monthly active internet users has grown 24% over that of last year, indicating an overall penetration of 41%. This was mostly achieved by the mobile Internet broadband connections over the last couple of years.

As Internet data plans, home Wi-Fi, public Wi-Fi hotspots have become more affordable and easily available, access to internet in India will become more widespread in next coming years.

Managing networks in a scalable and automated manner can become complicated and Jaze ISP Manager is the helps Internet service providers and Wi-Fi HotSpot operators to manage their entire business operations from end-to-end and is Made is India to envision Digital India.

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Actual Internet bandwidth required for a home broadband user

October 16, 2020 0 Comments

The infographic below shows how much bandwidth every household needs for all their connected devices. This varies from one household to another based on the number of devices used and the usage pattern. It varies significantly based on what you do online and how many people and devices are connected to your network. Today an average family of 4 members has 7 connected devices. Wi-Fi connections especially on 5Ghz are getting significantly faster with higher speed, higher reliability and availability throughout the house.

Streaming HD videos happens to be the most bandwidth intensive application on the network with about 5 Mbps per stream. With two parallel streams and browsing, the Internet consumption is not more than 11 Mbps per household. This is more than sufficient for all activities performed online. Despite this service providers provide upwards of 100Mbps on broadband to make plans more attractive though this peak limit will rarely be reached for home consumption.

Internet service providers should be able to provide uninterrupted Internet services with great speed and reliability to make their subscribers have a seamless browsing experience. Most of the streaming services today are available on local peering thereby reducing costs and latency and improving end user experience.

Jaze ISP manager provides an end to end solution in integration with a wide range of NAS and BRAS routers to manage subscribers and operations to help ISPs scale their business.

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World Internet Users’ Statistics – 2020

October 9, 2020 0 Comments

The infographic below shows Internet usage statistics around the world. Internet in our lives has a very prominent role with lots of people spending more time doing more things online than ever before. Almost 4.57 billion people were active Internet users as of July 2020. This represents 59 percent of the global population which tells us that more than half the world is connected to the Internet in one way or another. China, India and the US account for the most number of Internet users per country. An average person spends almost 7 hours a day using the Internet for Social media, entertainment, work related actives and many more.

With these statistics it is clear that the need for Internet bandwidth is going to increase in the future with more and more data being consumed and generated. The world will soon become a place where almost every individual has their own Internet connection with multiple Internet connected devices per individual. ISPs need to manage their networks and business to scale up based on the increasing data usage patterns and user base.

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World Internet Users Statistics

September 25, 2020 0 Comments

The infographic below shows the worldwide Internet user statistics based on continents. The highest number of users are in Asia followed by Europe, Africa, America and least number of users from Australia and Middle East. More than 4.79 billion people are using the Internet worldwide – close to 60 percent of the world’s total global population and this number is still continuing to grow at over 9 million new users added each day. Most of the Internet users are using mobile Internet over 4G and LTE.

Also, the pandemic situation has led to more people opting for Internet connections at home resulting in increasing the number of broadband and Internet connections globally. All of these provide a tremendous opportunity for Internet service providers to customize their Internet offerings according to these new consumer trends and demand to grow their networks.

Jaze Networks enables ISPs to scale out and manage their operations without increasing workload and ensure operational efficiency and profitability.

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Broadband Data Consumption – Driven by Video Streaming

September 18, 2020 0 Comments

Internet usage at homes on broadband connections is increasing due to this current pandemic situation created by Covid-19. People are stuck at home and are accessing more entertainment sources such as video streaming as shown in the infographic video. Streaming traffic has increased more compared to the last year and this trend looks to continue further. Connected devices in homes are also increasing as more and more devices become Internet enabled today. Broadband connection has become an important resource for households as people are working from home as well as using it for streaming entertainment content from Netflix, YouTube and many other online platforms.

Data usage for 4K streaming consumes data at about 12 Mbps on YouTube. HD movies on Netflix consume about 3GB per hour. More people are streaming on large screens with smart TVs and other Smart dongles such as Fire Stick, Chromecast and OTT boxes.

With these statistics it is clear that the need for Internet bandwidth is going to increase in the future with more and more data being consumed for streaming at higher resolutions. Today, ISPs can peer with YouTube and Netflix at peering points as other PoPs with Cache servers hosted by the content providers. ISPs need to monitor data usage to shape traffic policies and data limits on their Internet plans and also lower transit costs.

Jaze ISP Manager provides detailed usage reports and analytics of data usage to help you design the right Internet plans for your customers.

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