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The infographic below shows a digital survey of the younger population which clearly shows the new traits of this digital age and how it is going to increase in the coming future with higher demand for Internet and technology inventions. More and more people will be connected to the Internet and will be digital. This infographic talks about various types of electronic devices which we are using to connect to the Internet and new Internet game hobbies developing among young users.

Majority of the people are using both broadband and mobile data on their smart devices and people are also connecting to hotspots in public places. Social media has become a craze for this generation and it is one of the most used apps on the Internet followed by e-commerce.

This development, along with the ever-increasing speeds of internet connectivity, necessitates ISPs to deliver a guaranteed quality of service, with high bandwidth plans and ubiquitous connectivity across multiple sites across fiber and Wi-Fi hotspots.

Jaze ISP Manager enables ISPs to centrally manage subscribers across multiple sites with flexible plan and policy delivery with comprehensive compliance reports.

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