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This infographic below shows the difference between broadband connection and Wi-Fi. Broadband Internet is a series of cables connections which are dedicated to provide Internet to preferred location. Whereas Wi-Fi is a simple way to connect to the Internet via Local access point which can be easily connected without any cables. Broadband can transfer large volumes of data quickly and is more of a delivery network rather than an access network when compared to the Wi-Fi connection which is mostly only for end-user access. ISPs generally provide Wi-Fi routers for accessing broadband wirelessly inside residential homes and Wi-Fi hotspots in public locations as a value added service for their customers as well as for ad-hoc users.

Jaze Networks provides ISP management solution for Internet Service Providers as Jaze ISP Manager to manage your broadband and leased line connections with Flexible Billing, Helpdesk management and Jaze Cloud Wi-Fi solution empowers businesses to provide completely cloud-managed hotspots across distributed locations managed from a single dashboard.

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