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The infographic below shows how the Internet has evolved through the ages from the past, to the present and the future of the Internet technology. The Internet has come a long way since it started. Internet has also become popular with the growth of communication technology like computers, Smartphones, and many more devices which are used to deliver the Internet easily. The important role played by the social media platforms like Facebook shaped the way of how the internet works. Social media platforms made easy exposure to the users who can connect worldwide and communicate with one another through acceptance of protocols that include wall posts, comments, and messages. People need to connect more with the upcoming technologies and want to be always online with different priorities of Internet usage from work to day to day activities.

The surge of Internet users in coming years forces all ISPs to step up their game to focus on providing a consistent and high-quality service to their customers and to continue the growth of Internet subscriber base. Fiber based backbone with 5G are looking to deliver Internet at faster speeds with almost no latency. Need for services like IoT and adoption of SDN on telco networks are making deployment of 5G easier.

ISPs need software to manage and monitor their network and have smooth operations. Jaze ISP Manager provides automation of end-to-end operations at scale with customer growth and increasing bandwidth demand with business process management and monitoring features.

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