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There is a large population of the world without an Internet connection yet. The infographic below shows country-wise where the next billion Internet users will come from in the future. Internet connections have been consistently increasing for the past few years but yet there is still more than half of the global population unconnected to the Internet and some countries like Brazil, central Africa and some parts of Asia’s population have much lower Internet penetration and awareness. India has the highest number of disconnected people despite having the second largest online market in the world. There is still more than 50% of the population not connected to the Internet this mostly comprises of rural population in India.

Internet growth through the years has mostly been due to the rapid deployment of fiber by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). They have played an important role in the development of the broadband Internet market. ISPs’ offerings of broadband services are more likely to be driven by competitive forces and the policies and structure they provide should promote and support the future technologies in Internet with more accessibility.

Jaze ISP Manager, is an end-to-end ISP management software and helps ISPs to manage broadband connections easily and supports all major NAS and BRAS vendors to help ISPs scale their business without increasing operating expenses.

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