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The infographic below shows Internet growth and smartphone penetration in Africa. Most of Africa is still not urban yet and Internet penetration stands at just 40%. Most of the coutries in Africa still have weak Internet infrastructure. Ecommerce and fintech are epected to drive Internet penetration. It is likely to grow at a faster rate than elsewhere in the world. Internet in Africa will raise the possibility of a greater number of profound social, political, and economic changes.

ISPs and governments will need to invest on fiber infrastructure to  accelerated growth in Internet and broadband connections in the developing countries of Africa. Low cost access will be the basis for the success of Internet deployment.

A combination of cost effective hardware and software is required for low cost deployment and Jaze ISP manger provides ISPs a complete ISP management module which helps ISPs to shape traffic efficiently through RADIUS based policies provide better quality of service and browsing experience to subscribers.

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