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Most ISPs today are offering 100 Mbps bandwidth and some ISPs are now starting to offer even upto 1 Gbps. How much bandwidth does a typical household need for current and future requirements?

The Infographic below shows how the Internet has become the most significant factor of modern homes. With development of new technologies every member in the household has multiple electronic devices which need access to Internet like Smartphones, laptop, TVs, Smart home devices, watches, etc. Broadband technologies are developing rapidly, and with the emergence of a new technologies like FTTH based on GPON it is easier to deliver consistent bandwidth for broadband delivery.

The number of connected devices and applications have increased requiring more bandwidth everyday. Also demand for IPTV, OTT and VoD services has increased bandwidth requirements tremendously. Even though 10 Mbps is more than sufficient for Internet browsing and even viewing HD videos, subscribers tend to choose 100Mbps+ plans with unlimited data and ISPs try to cater to the same by offering higher bandwidth plans even though utilization remains much lower than the data and bandwidth caps. Nowadays some subscribers are almost using 50% of their bandwidth on an average on a constant basis and this utilization pattern is only going upwards with more people working from home and consuming video content.

Jaze ISP management enables Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to scale out and manage growing subscriber bases centrally and provide managed QoS for building highly scalable networks in order to cater to the surging demand for Internet.

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