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The Infographic below shows what causes a digital traffic jam which basically slows down your otherwise fast broadband Internet connection. This is happening more frequent today especially on WISP networks which are based on wireless technologies with more and more people working from home and consuming more data. Internet traffic jam occurs when there are many people in a home that accessing the Internet through the same broadband connection. Doing multiple activities on the internet at the same time also causes the internet speed slows down. Also, interference between wireless signals from other home routers in the vicinity also cause disturbances to your Wi-Fi.

To get great quality Internet speed without any interruptions you need to follow a few simple procedures when you need to access the Internet. This digital jam can be prevented from making small changes to our internet usage patterns some of them are – reducing video streaming quality on smaller devices, using the Internet at off peak hours, downloading and watching offline and by planning online family activities as a digital car pools and limiting the use of audio and presentation functions only when needed during video conferences.

ISPs should ensure their Subscribers are getting high speed Internet and integrate using the most recent wired and wireless Internet delivery technologies to provide cost effective growth and increase the number of Internet connections with high speed and stability.

Jaze ISP Manger enables ISPs to efficiently provide bandwidth capping and time-based policies to ensure optimal usage of their bandwidth pipelines.

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