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Asia appears to be the leader in a the race to adopt 5G. Countries in Asia have increased their spending on wireless communications infrastructure to build new sites. Investment in 5G will have an unpredicted economic impact. Smart cities will rise where self-driving cars and connected devices will build the smart cities with benefits to transportation, media and utilities industries to enhance the way of living.  The growth rate of 5G will be comparatively higher than any other previous technology because of being a enabler for technologies such as the internet of things (IoT) and enhanced mobile broadband services.

With the help of low latency, high reliability and significant throughput improvements, 5G is going to create demand and opportunities through platforms such as IoT, virtual reality and robotics. 5G rollout will deliver better performance for multiple use cases. This would be adopted widely by telcos who are desperate to reduce the cost of data transport at the same rate as the demand for data increases.

With 5G, broadband operators will need to adapt to use their fiber networks for delivery of 5G networks. The broadband market is going to undergo a major disruption with the introduction of 5G and it will be up to the consumer’s choice to decide if they will adopt fiber based broadband alongside their 5G connectivity or just use 5G for home broadband. ISPs need to adopt to provide better services on their existing networks to retain their markets.

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