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The main reasons which are driving the web behavior in India is for Information, communication, for creating content, improving creativity, entertainment and surfing. Internet Users are more involved in planned activities as shown in the infographic below rather than spontaneous activities. Most of them use internet for routine activities like reading blogs, social media accounts, checking the messages and through these they will be redirected to external activities or news and again they go back to their accounts to check their message feed on social media portals. The internet surfing behaviour is also dependent on the mood of the users and it changes according to their interests.

People today have a wide range of high-speed connectivity options to stay online – preferably on mobile data or on Wi-Fi to broadband networks. ISPs play a major part in satisfying  data demands of these users.

Jaze ISP Management enables Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to ensure the best quality of service for broadband customer with custom peering and traffic shaping policies.

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