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The infographic below shows some of the tips to boost your Wi-Fi signal to get most out of your Internet connection at home when everyone at home is connected with multiple devices. Many factors can affect your Internet speed at home. The placement of your router Wi-Fi router is crucial in determining the Internet speeds you get throughout your home. This directly affects your content streaming as well as uploads and downloads and anything which requires high bandwidth and low latency. The equipment you are using and unused connected devices play a major role in determining throughput available to the device.

Internet service providers are responsible for making sure that their subscribers are accessing the internet with devices capable of delivering the throughput the home, regulating plans and policies routing internet traffic and resolving the speed issues and monitoring network equipment of the customer to provide best quality of Internet service possible.

Jaze ISP Manager helps ISPs to manage end-to-end operations of ISP business like providing custom radius policies with upload and download speeds, status of network equipment, integrates with carrier class routers from Cisco, Juniper, Huawei and Mikrotik to provide low latency and great broadband experiences to subscribers.

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