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Internet statistics & Facts

July 30, 2021 0 Comments

The Infographic below shows some interesting Internet statistics for last year which was dominated worldwide by the pandemic. As Internet is constantly evolves, these statistics will be different from year to year. More than 4 billion users are connected to the internet and still there is half of the world’s population which has no access to the Internet. Netflix and YouTube have become major video streaming platforms and eCommerce profits have also increased due to pandemic. Taiwan is way ahead compared to even developed countries in terms of Internet penetration and speeds.

The continuous increase of Internet users will also mean that technology will go through innovations. Telecom industry and ISPs will face many complex challenges and new opportunities will also be created for benefits of accessing the Internet.

Jaze ISP Manager provides vendor agnostic ISP Management software which helps to deliver fully managed IPv6 services and manage your bandwidth polices to provide low latency and high-quality experiences to end users at affordable rates for delivering next generation of Internet services.

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5G – The future of connectivity

July 23, 2021 0 Comments

The infographic below shows how connectivity has evolved from early 90’s to today. There will be more than 2.5 billion 5G subscriptions around the world in the next few years which will cover most of the population and drive mobile traffic growth enormously. There are some challenges with regards to deploying more towers and equipment and having the end-users upgrade their handsets to support 5G. 5G will create more opportunities to industries like telecom, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, financial and many more and this can lead us to increased adoption of IoT devices connected to 5G.

As 5G devices adoption increases within a year of availability, network services and internet service providers, need to transform their offerings as 5G will start to compete with what is already being offered by them on broadband. The providers have to adapt to meet customer requirements in terms of security, latency and bandwidth.

Jaze Networks provides Jaze ISP Management solutions enables ISPs to ensure the best quality of service for broadband customers and keeps up with all the upcoming technologies to centrally manage end-to-end operations for their business with support for IPv6 and IoT for next generation services.

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The Impact of Internet of Everything

July 16, 2021 0 Comments

The infographic below shows about Internet of Everything (IoE) which represents the connection between people, process, data and things. Billions of objects will have sensors in the future and IoE will further advance the power of the Internet to improve business and industry outcomes, and ultimately make people’s lives better by adding to the progress of IoT. This has many benefits like advanced medical devices, Railway and transportation factory automation sensors and applications in industrial robotics, electricity transmission, sensor motes for increased agricultural yield, and endless list of products and services.

IoE will be ultimate future challenge for internet service providers where it also gives scope to many more solutions and technology to detect measure and assess their status of all the connected devices. ISPs are going to experience a phase of great technological transformation in the coming future. IPv6 deployment by ISPs will play a major role in the advancement of this technology.

Jaze Networks provides ISP management and Wi-Fi hotspot management solutions to effectively manage all your ISP business operations and ensures support for IPv6 to enable upcoming technology trends to drive next generation services.

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How does Internet actually work – Behind the scenes!

July 9, 2021 0 Comments

The infographic below shows the pathway of how the Internet actually travels from home computers to data centers with serve the Internet content to your browsers. Every day we use the Internet and it has become one of the most significant factors to help us connect to the people even thousands of miles apart. One thing is constant that no matter what the device a person is using, the data has to make a long and highly structured journey to be delivered to the end user.

The user’s request travels from his browser to reach the Internet Service Provider (ISP). The ISP has routers which uplinks to multiple upstream providers and Internet exchanges to make the most efficient and cost-effective path to reach the required servers. Today almost 80% of the traffic is served from the local servers of big content providers like Google, Amazon, Netflix, etc by peering with Internet exchanges to provide low latency and low transit costs.

Jaze ISP Manager helps ISPs to shape, manage and route packets efficiently with flexible radius peering policies and ensures you deliver high quality of internet services with low latency to end users at affordable rates.

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Is the Internet ready for remote work?

July 1, 2021 0 Comments

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, more and more companies are planning to provide permanent remote work option to their employees. There are some challenges related to data security over Internet and bandwidth which play a major role in working from home. Current Internet plans may create much chaos while working with large files so based on the work every employee needs to choose Internet plans based on upload and download speeds which can also handle your entire household getting online at the same time.

Internet service providers have to step-up their game in provide a secure connection to their subscribers with customized bandwidth plans with providing flexible payment options or Internet plans which suits all type of families. ISPs need to allow for VPN with VPN passthrough enabled on their CPE to seamlessly connect over VPN to their office networks.

Jaze ISP Manager helps ISPs to manage all aspects of your Internet business from lead management to helpdesk, subscriber and plan management, inventory management, log management, revenue sharing and more.

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