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Both wired and wireless internet connections have its advantages and disadvantages. In comparison wired Internet connections has more perks like high speed, low latency, speed and stability than wireless connection. It is mainly designed for Business Organizations, Education Industry and FTTH services by ISPs.  Wireless connections are suitable for homes with usage of multiple Wi-Fi connected devices, coffee shops and retail. Though wireless connections are convenient to use, throughput is variable and depends on number of users connected.

ISPs should ensure their networks scale to cope with increasing demand and integrate with all the new wired and wireless Internet delivery technologies to provide cost effective growth and increase the number of Internet connections with high speed and stability.

Jaze ISP Manger Integrates with Wired connections and multiple NAS routers and enables the ISPs to centrally manage their end-to-end operations of their entire business enabling broadband customers to seamlessly connect to Wi-Fi hotspots provided by ISPs

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