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Jaze ISP Manager is integrated with Cisco ASR 1000 and 9000 series with PPPoE, IPoE, Captive Portal along with full IPv6 support. Cisco BRAS routers range from with the ASR 1001X routers which can scale from about 10,000 broadband subscribers and Cisco ASR 9000 which can scale to more than 1 million subscribers on a single router.


Huawei offers a versatile platform with the Huawei NE and ME series for broadband services. Jaze ISP Manager integrates with Huawei for PPPoE and differnet IPoE modes. Huawei offers scalable chassis with line cards to select from depending on the services required and is widely deployed from small ISPs to large telcos.


Juniper MX series and vMX with BRAS licenses enables service providers to provide PPPoE based and IPoE authentication to broadband subscribers. Juniper provides licenses which enables the same hardware to scale out based on future demands.


Mikrotik is a popular and one of the most cost effective options for enabling broadband startups with a easy configuration GUI though WinBox and various options to choose from depending on the throughput and the number of subscribers to be handled. RouterOS is also available as software and virtual machine formats to be deployed on x86 servers enabling complete flexibility on choice of hardware.


ZTE provides a robust BRAS platform with complete support for broadband and leased line operations. Jaze ISP Manager integrates with ZTE to enable PPPoE and IPoE services with RADIUS integration and CoA support.


Ericsson’s Smart Edge Service Gateway supports RADIUS integration for BRAS functionality apart from being designed to perform a wide range of other functions including triple play and cellular aggregation. Jaze ISP Manager is integrated on RADIUS to enable broadband services on Ericsson Smart Edge Service Gateway for broadband functionality on telecom operator networks.

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